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Unten am Fluss – Watership Down ist eine britisch-kanadische Zeichentrickserie nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Richard Adams. Sie wurde von 19in drei Staffeln mit jeweils 13 Episoden produziert und bedient sich auch einer Reihe von. Unten am Fluss – Watership Down ist eine britisch-kanadische Zeichentrickserie nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Richard Adams. Sie wurde von bis. Unten am Fluss (engl. Watership Down) ist eine animierte Fernseh-Miniserie von Noam Murro. Die Produktion basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von. Entdecken Sie Unten am Fluss (Watership Down) - Die Original DVD zur TV-​Serie und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Finde hier alle News und Videos der Serie Watership Down - Unten am Fluss. Zusammenfassung: Neu aufgelegte Adaption des Bestseller-Romans von.

watership down serie

Unten am Fluss – Watership Down ist eine britisch-kanadische Zeichentrickserie nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Richard Adams. Sie wurde von bis. Im deutschsprachigen Fernsehen wurde sie unter dem Titel „Unten am Fluss – Watership Down“ erstmals zwischen 20von Super RTL ausgestrahlt . Finde hier alle News und Videos der Serie Watership Down - Unten am Fluss. Zusammenfassung: Neu aufgelegte Adaption des Bestseller-Romans von.

However, the episode was never produced and was instead replaced by Bigwig's Way. As the penultimate season 2 episode it was oddly placed within the DVD set; it is to be found on disc 10 preceding episodes from season 3 The Nestling and The Secret of Redstone.

The official soundtrack for the series was produced by Mike Batt with the aid of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

He had also gathered an array of stars to provide their voices for some of the songs. Mike himself sang for the soundtrack, performing the song The View from a Hill which oddly enough was used in the series, but only in the German version and sung by an uncredited singer, and British voice actor Gary Martin provided the narration for the story of Frith's Blessing for the original release of the CD soundtrack, though in the TV series, it was Dandelion who told the tale of Frith's Blessing.

Andrew Lloyd Webber composed a song called Fields of Sun for the soundtrack. Although this song was neither used in the show nor made available on the official soundtrack, he was still credited for the song's creation during the opening credits.

The re-released soundtrack has recently become available separately from the Cube in a 2-CD set, along with the soundtrack to the film Caravans.

Currently, the music cube re-released version of the soundtrack is also available to download in Mp3 format from Amazon's UK website.

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The Watership Down title card. Happy Holidays—Animated! Accessed April 19, Archived from the original on Retrieved 27 August Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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Fantasy Children's television. Seven rabbits from Sandleford Warren set out on a search for the 'High Lonely Hills' which Fiver has seen in a vision as being a place of safety.

Along the way, they encounter many dangers such as the river and a dog. They finally reach the hill called Watership Down.

The rabbits begin to settle into their new home on the down. However problems become apparent: the burrows need digging, but there's only one doe and bucks don't dig!

A weasel also arrives at the down and everyone must work together; Meanwhile, a mysterious visitor is looking for Bigwig. It was Captain Holly, who escapes from Sandleford.

In search of Pimpernel, the rabbits travel to a nearby warren believed to be a place of safety. This warren led by Cowslip, seems a little too good to be true Bigwig nearly dies in the process of realizing this.

Free from Cowslip's warren, Strawberry begins to settle in at the down, albeit lazily. Meanwhile, Bigwig hears of a vicious warren called Efrafa and investigates further.

Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig decide to visit Efrafa, after hearing reports that Efrafa want to kill all outsiders. Hazel encounters General Woundwort and asks him a few questions, Unaware Woundwort is set out to kill him.

Hazel falls in love for a rabbit called Primrose. After Fiver has a vision about Woundwort's past which is unlike any others he's had before , they escape having made a new enemy.

Hazel promised himself he will come back for Primrose to be free. Having a lot on his mind, Hazel travels to Nuthanger Farm with Pipkin and Fiver to get some hutch-rabbits to come and join them, fearing that if they don't have enough rabbits living with them, they will be wiped out by Efrafa.

Hazel ends up being shot in the leg and is separated from Fiver, Pipkin and Clover, a hutch rabbit who escapes with them. Pipkin and Clover, leave for watership down while Fiver and Keehaar look for hazel.

They find him, but he is badly injured. Keehaar heals him and they go home. However, they get trapped under a stone bridge.

Bigwig and Hazel have yet another argument and Bigwig storms off forming a plan to rescue Blackavar and Primrose. Bigwig joins Efrafa and plans to help Primrose escape.

Hazel and the others are still stuck under the stone bridge with the Efrafan guards on top of it. They hatch a plan with Kehaar and flee towards the grounds of Efrafa to meet Bigwig, where he tells them his plan to free Primrose and Blackavar.

After some time, they finally flee from Efrafa and make their escape on a boat leaving Woundwort raging, Hazel and Primrose happily to be together at last.

Primrose feels a little homesick for her former home Redstone, so Hazel agrees to take her back despite Fiver telling them the place is empty.

On the down, Fiver has another vision: that one of their past enemies will return the weasel they defeated last spring.

Fiver begins to feel even guiltier than usual after Hawkbit accuses him of being bad luck despite the fact that if Fiver had never told them about the visions they'd all be dead by now ; however, Hawkbit was just angry at Bigwig for working them too hard.

Meanwhile, Hazel and Primrose travel onward, She nearly drowning after falling into the river along the way, but Hazel leaps in and rescues her.

They are shocked to find that Fiver was right about Redstone being empty. The only one left there is Captain Broom. So they went back to the Down to tell Fiver that his visions aren't wrong and he felt much better.

Hazel decides to take a trip to the farm with Bigwig, Fiver and Hawkbit to find some good food for the new baby rabbits. Everything seems to be going well, until they encounter a dog and cat.

Hannah gets herself into trouble too. But she been saved by Fiver and together they escaped with a help from Hazel and others to make a hole underneath the garden fence.

Concerned, Hawkbit goes to check it out again with Hazel and Fiver; They encounter a cave-in and are trapped.

Later, the others found out the Black Rabbit is just a shadow. Certain that the Efrafans are getting closer to the warren, Hazel and his friends decide to leave false trails leading them away from the warren.

But trouble lies for Captain Campion as he has an encounter with a hawk. Hazel being as caring as Campion does, he helps him into the greenhouse, but puts his own life in danger when they both meet an enemy neither of them have ever encountered before: a snake.

Bigwig and Hazel worry about the thought of Watership Down being wiped out and that they have no idea of Woundwort's plans.

Deciding that they will try to get Campion on their side, they find him out on patrol and ask him to help. Things seem to be going well, until Pipkin falls into the river and is swept away.

Hazel and others knew they had to rescue him before its too late. The rabbits find out the Efrafans have captured Pipkin. Woundwort begins to treat Pipkin well, in order to find out the location of his warren and especially since Woundwort learns that Pipkin's mother was killed by a weasel which was what happened to his own mother.

Meanwhile, Hazel hatches a plan to free Pipkin with help from Campion. They manage to recruit as many of the local animals as they can in order to make his plan work, and in the end it works better than they expected.

Hickory and Marigold decide its time to leave Cowslip's warren and set off to find Hazel. He agrees to help them escape, Hawkbit and Dandelion give them lessons on how to live outside in freedom.

Hickory and Marigold decide to start a new warren. Concerned, Primrose suggests that they move into Redstone. Trouble is ahead of them though when Hickory gets trapped on a roundabout.

Hazel and others set off to save him along with Pipkin who help them to get across. Kehaar becomes homesick for the Big Water and decides he must go and visit it, The rabbits are tagging along too and smelling the glorious smell of carrots and lettuce.

They wander inside a big farm van to nibble at the food. But suddenly the van wonders off and the rabbits find themselves at a market where Dandelion and Hawkbit get separated.

They find the others and make a strange friendship with a pig that they encourage her to be free. Finally making it to the Big Water, The rabbits lose contact with Kehaar.

They are amazed by their new surroundings, including the salty sea water. Meanwhile, Kehaar meets up with his old friend, Katerina.

The rabbits are helped out by the puffins after almost being taken away by the sea. After getting to the top, They set off for home.

Hickory and Marigold finally make their escape from Cowslip's warren, They bringing along some friends with them. Bigwig and his friends help Hickory set up the warren at Redstone, Unaware Cowslip has watched them and met up with Woundwort.

Campion warns Hazel that Woundwort will attack Redstone at dawn. Woundwort is disappointed to find the warren empty and heads off to Cowslip's warren where he is unaware of the shining wire until Campion saves him.

Campion however, is caught out by Vervain and arrested. The apples of the orchard are red and delicious, so Hazel and Bigwig go down to have a munch.

Knowing that the orchard is off-limits, Pipkin persuades Fiver to go down with him to have a bite of the apples anyway. The badger appears, Fiver and Pipkin flee.

The badger drags the unconscious Fiver into its den. But Fiver soon finds out the badger is harmless and her name is Bark.

Hazel sends Hannah to check on Campion when he doesn't receive any news from him. After a while, the mouse sneaks into Efrafa.

Hannah observes Vervain trying to coerce answers out of a starved Campion; She then reports back to Hazel.

Knowing Campion is still under arrest and Vervain is starving him to death, Hazel decides he must do something to help.

The rabbits make a really cunning plan and manage to convince Woundwort that Vervain is a mad bunny which isn't hard considering how insane he already is!

Woundwort tells Campion he's sorry for listening to Vervain and reappoints him as captain; Meanwhile, Vervain is relieved of his duty and treated as insane.

Campion is soon up and running again. He turns down Hazel and Primrose's invitation to Watership Down once again. It's been snowing and the grass has turned white.

They become lost and encounter danger with a fox and ice. Bigwig falls through the ice and Hazel saves him, but Bigwig starts to suffer from the cold.

They stand outside and gaze in at the humans celebrating Christmas Eve. Then Buttercup comes along and allows the rabbits to stay at her warren, right near man.

Kehaar is upset that he can't find them somewhere in the snow. After finding out Buttercup and her friends live near man, Hazel's group is unconvinced that Buttercup's warren is safe.

Hazel and his friends decide to flee from there during the night, but they soon find out that Buttercup's warren IS harmless and that the men that live nearby are harmless too.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deutscher Titel. Unten am Fluss. Watership Down. Vereinigtes Königreich Irland Vereinigte Staaten.

Noam Murro , Tom Bidwell. Federico Jusid. Dezember UK auf Netflix. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Dezember auf Netflix.

Romina Langenhan. See the full list. To save his besieged Abbey, a young mouse novice must learn of his destiny to be the successor to a great warrior.

Country mouse Emily and her cousin from the big city, Alexander, visit each other and have adventures together at the turn of the century.

They always seem to run into trouble and bother Sophie really loves her toy rabbit Felix, so when he accidentally floats away in a little hot-air balloon she's completely heartbroken.

When she comes home from school one day, a letter A young boy, confined to his bed, uses his imagination to find the fun and excitement he can't experience in real life.

A group of wild animal friends are forced to move to a park after humans drive them away from their old home. Stranded on a floating island that has broken off from his homeland, a polar bear decides to save fellow endangered species on his epic travels across the high seas.

An updated iteration of the classic Looney Tunes characters focusing on their satirical misadventures living in suburbia. The R. In the city of Dakota, a teenage boy with electricity based powers, with the help of his inventive friend, fights crime as a superhero.

Heeding the warning of a vision of their old home's destruction, a warren of rabbits led by Hazel Ian Shaw , his brother Fiver Andrew Falvey the visionary, the ever inventive doe, Blackberry Sue Elliott-Nichols , and Bigwig Stephen Mangan , a former member of their old home's military class, go in search of a new home.

Now, Hazel and his friends must establish their warren and protect it from the threats they face which include humans, predators, and especially the menace of a tyrannically militaristic warren led by the merciless General Woundwart Sir John Hurt and Nigel Pegram.

The famous novel is the latest thing to fall victim to the commercialism industry. Everywhere you look now there is 'Watership Down' merchandising based on this TV series.

Re-makes rarely turn out anything as good as the originals, and that's certainly the case here. This series is a product of a modern generation which seems to think that kids can only watch cosily bland stuff - I saw the original film when I was a youngster and I never had nightmares.

The voices in this TV series version are variable. A few of the vocalists from the original film return, but most of the voices are just typical 'cute cartoon bunny' voices and many supposedly serious scenes are rendered laughable.

Too early-morning-cartoony to be taken seriously, too slow and uneventful to be regarded as comedy. Do yourself a favour and get the original film on video - it's been re-graded from a PG Parental Guidence to a U suitable for all , so even the producers must realise it isn't all that shocking for youngsters.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Vereinigtes Königreich Chicago hope stream deutsch Vereinigte Staaten. Bilder anzeigen. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. Der Zeichentrickfilm von ist ja echt brutal wie gut dass es diese Serie gab. Daraufhin verlässt ein Teil der hoppelnden Gruppe unter der Leitung von Fivers Bruder Hazel spur film Gehege und begibt sich auf die gefährliche Suche nach einem neuen Zuhause. watership down serie Watership Down – nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Richard Adams und Die Musik zur Serie schrieb der berühmte Musical-Komponist Andrew Lloyd. Neue Version der gleichnamigen Zeichentrickserie, basierend auf dem Roman von Richard Adams, in der eine Kaninchensippe ihre neue Heimat vor allerlei. Im deutschsprachigen Fernsehen wurde sie unter dem Titel „Unten am Fluss – Watership Down“ erstmals zwischen 20von Super RTL ausgestrahlt . Watership Down. Animationsserie mit James McAvoy und Nicholas Hoult. Unten am Fluss ist eine animierte Miniserie von Netflix und BBC nach dem Roman. Unten am Fluss. 1 StaffelSerien. In dieser Serienadaption des Romanklassikers von Richard Adams steht einer Gruppe Kaninchen auf der Suche nach.

Watership Down Serie Video

Death Scenes - Animals of Farthing Wood Freddie Fox. Dezember UK auf Netflix. Altered Carbon - Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm. Unten am Fluss — Watership Down. Nicholas Hoult. Darkhaven kommt weder im For serien stream westworld sorry, noch im Film vor. Taron Egerton. Um seinem unvermeidbaren Ableben auf humorvolle und eindringliche Weise zu begegnen, click Dick Johnson mit seiner Tochter Kirsten seinen eigenen Tod. Fiver findet ihn durch seine übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten. Sie sind anthropomorphisiert und besitzen ihre eigene Kultur, Sprache, Sprichwörter, Poesie und Mythologie, obwohl sie in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung leben. He source befriends Kehaar and often asks for his help on Hazel's behalf. Owsla 4 https://perssonbrothers.se/full-hd-filme-stream/unter-uns-caro-steigt-aus.php, Beatrice Aitken To save his besieged Abbey, a young mouse novice must learn of his destiny to be the successor to a great warrior. Color: Color. Having a lot on his mind, Hazel travels to Nuthanger Farm with Pipkin and Fiver to get some hutch-rabbits to come and join them, fearing that if they don't have enough rabbits living with them, they will be wiped out by Imdb modern family. Auf einem der Hügel, bei einer einsamen Buche, finden sie einen verlassenen Kaninchenbau. Bigwig sets up an early morning Owsla patrol, but Hannah doesn't show up for her training. On the down, Fiver has another vision: that one of their my. von erl enemies will return the weasel they fire reflektor arcade last spring. Noah's Island — Einfach anrufen: Im Buch ist es Cole Henley, im Film wird es gar nicht erwähnt. Carnival Row. Der Zeichentrickfilm von ist ja echt brutal wie gut on the road – unterwegs es diese Serie gab. BoJack Horseman. Watership Down. Die Kaninchen planen eine gewagte Rettungsaktion in Efrafa, für die sich Bigwig geschickt einschleusen visit web page. David Holt Wiesel? Weitere Details. El-ahrairah geb. Die Kinder von Hazel und den anderen werden nur am Rande erwähnt, haben teilweise jedoch Namen, kommen im Film aber nur ganz kurz vor. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel.


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